LearnCyrillic is an educational platform for type designers
Cyreal is a Multiscript Typography project is an educational blog on FontLab (in Russian)
TypoLviv is the first type meet-up in Ukraine(Typostammtisch)
Alexei is currently a guest Typography Lecturer at his alma mater, BHSAD, Moscow
Past experience: Typography Lecturer at Screamshool, Moscow 2011–2014
06/14–16/2015. Crafting Type Workshop. PolyU. Hong Kong
06/20-23/2013. Custom Cyrillic Workshop, Dalton Maag, London, UK
06/1-2/2013. Type Design Workshop, SVC, Kyiv, Ukraine
04/20-21/2013. Cyrillic Type Design workshop, Mota Italic Gallery, Berlin, Germany
04/2013. Russian Constructivist Typography Workshop, LGM13, Madrid, Spain
04/2013. Fonts for TV, Custom workshop for Russian TV, Moscow, Russia
12/14-18/2012. Crafting Type workshop, Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine.
12/14-18/2012. Crafting Type workshop, Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine.
08/2012. Workshop on Designing Type. LAK-project, Yekaterinburg, Russia
06/2011 Understanding Cyrillic, KABK, the Hague, Netherlands
10/2011. National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine
Public Talks
10/06/2017. Variant Forms of Cyrillic. Granshan Conference Yerevan, Armenia
05/13/2015. Type Classification Lecture. TypeMeet #002. Information Design Lab, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
02/20/2015. Cyrillic Typography and Type Design. Softserve HQ. Lviv, Ukraine
04/16/2013. It takes a team to make a font. LGM13 Conference. Madrid, Spain
11/27/2012. Cyrillic Typography. School of visual communication, Kyiv, Ukraine
11/24/2012. Why do we (still) use Cyrillic, Mota Italic Gallery, Berlin, Germany
11/17/2012. Cyrillic in Modern Context, Typolub 2012 conference, Lublin, Poland
02/2012. On OpenType Features, Arsenal Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
10/2011. Guide on Designing Cyrillic, TypoLviv, Lviv, Ukraine
12/2011. Typography at screamschool, TypoKyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
11/2010. The new GEO typeface, Rutenia Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine
Alexei Vanyashin is a typeface designer, educator, and researcher. His design and research interests include:
  • Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek Typeface Design
  • Readability and Legibility issues
  • History of Cyrillic Typography
  • Detailed and Structured Typography
  • Web Typography
Hand to Type. Gestalten | The history of Cyrillic | 11.2012
PAGE | Cyrillic Type p. 52 ff | 30.07.2010
Typodaruim 2012. Amperisk, 11 June 2012
Typodaruim 2013. Junge, 9 October 2013
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Modern Cyrillic 2014. Excellence in Type Design. Suisse Int'l Condensed Cyrillic
European Design Awards 2014 (as part of Ermolaev Bureau)
Grand Prix: Red Dot 2014 (as part of Ermolaev Bureau)
Red Dot Award 2013, Tea Funny (as part of Ermolaev Bureau)
European Design Awards, Bronze, 2013, Tea Funny (as part of Ermolaev Bureau)
Russian Design Rating 2011 / TOP100
Russian Design Rating 2010 / Short List #4
Granshan Award 2010. Florian/Geo Text. Best in Cyrilic Text Typefaces
Rutenia 2010. Kyiv / Nominant
Manuscript 2010. Kyiv / Nominant
Strelka Design 2008 / Finalist
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